Has the World Gone Mad?

I think the obvious answer to that question is YES.

I haven’t posted on this blog in over nine months. It’s not because I’ve been lacking in opinions or things to say. I should start keeping a list of all the things I mean to blog about. If the app for WordPress was better I might even try blogging on the fly. So why today? What finally tipped the scales?

Two things.

This is a long post full of personal opinions. There will not be an option to comment. If you don’t want to read my ranting and venting, by all means feel free to skip over reading what is under the cut. I promise I won’t be offended.

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I’ll Probably Get Hate For This But…

I don’t really want to make this into a thing but since this is my blog and I’m entitled to my own opinion, I’m putting it out there. I’m sure if you live in America or have spent much time on the interwebs as of late, you’ve heard about the Phil Robertson controversy. I haven’t read the full article that’s gotten him into so much hot water, but I read snippets of it.

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