Time Suck Videos

I am warning you ahead of time that many of these will be off color and probably inappropriate in a lot ways. If you’re easily offended or need everything to be P.C. all the time, I strongly advise you to turn back now. The guys I work with are big on racial humor (Lisa Lampanelli would love these jokers) and using words that are completely deemed to be inappropriate by a lot of people.

I’m not offended by it, which is probably why I still work there. I’m not saying I agree with their opinions on things because I certainly don’t a good deal of the time, but to each his own. I’m not out to try and change their point of view on anything. It would be a waste of breath if I did.

You’ve been warned.

So much for saying you only have cash on you… THUG LIFE!


5 thoughts on “Time Suck Videos

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  2. oh my god, Tyrone!! Love him!! He reminds me of my ex-con next door neighbor who spends his day on the phone outside for all to hear. I bet he and Tyrone would get along very well.

    Oh hey, I have a new word (new to me anyway) Twatwaffle. 🙂 It was used to insult a troll on Twitter on another fandom. #twatwaffle 🙂

    • Twatwaffle is an old favorite of mine. I actually used it today when Mike and I were trading random cuss words we like. His favorite was cuntnugget. I think my all time favorite might be asswagon.

      • Hey, two new words!! Sweet! You know, I always look for these gems in your stories. Thanks!! 🙂

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