If I’m Ever A Mother…

Expect to see this list change without warning…

1. I will make my children listen to Joni Mitchell and Led Zeppelin because I want them to understand the beauty of poetry and that it can be set to music. I want them to understand the timelessness of truly good music.

2. I will not make my daughters play with dolls to learn how to be good mommies without making my sons play with them so they learn how to be a good father. Gender role, schmender role. No gender should be better at loving their children.

3. I will laugh when they tell me they hate me. In fact, I will embrace it because then I will know that I am doing something right. Having been there, done that, I know the hatred will pass and I will love them a little more for having hated me.

4. I will issue them get out of jail free cards because every kid makes a mistake. Sometimes the embarrassment is punishment enough and I would never want my child to feel like I won’t love them because they screwed up.



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