Fun Facts & Psychotic Fucking Hatreds

Fun Facts:

  • I love reading. My sophomore year of high school I convinced my English teacher to give us extra credit for reading beyond the 400 page requirement each quarter. By the end of the second semester I didn’t have to take the final because of the excess credit I amassed.
  • I love baking.
  • I love music. Like to the point where rehab might someday be necessary.

Psychotic Fucking Hatreds:

  • Animals dressed as humans for human enjoyment. No. Just stop it. Gigi doesn’t need a tiara and a ball gown you sick freak.
  • I can’t stand peeps that don’t use turn signals. They’re standard issue on automobiles today for a reason.
  • The sound of ice being scraped. The winter Olympics is a real bitch to watch, lemme tell you.
  • Homophobes.
  • Pro-life groups. They’re not really pro-life as much as they are pro-get-in-everyone-else’s-business-and-not-really-save-anyone’s-life. If they’re so concerned about the sanctity of life, why don’t they put their money into better educating people to prevent unwanted pregnancy? Why aren’t they helping to care for the children already born to parents that don’t really want to be parents? Or worse, children that have already been abandoned because their parents didn’t want them or were deemed unfit to be able to take care of them properly? I could go on for years about how much I detest these organizations and the hypocrisy that oozes from each and every one of them.
  • Religious zealots that use their god as a crutch for the fucked up shit they do.

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