Going Away…

Not me, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. But I will put the rest of this under a cut in case you don’t want to read my rambles about work stuff. I am including an episode of Rick & Morty which I seriously suggest you try out because it’s fucking hilarious. Huge thanks to work hubs for bringing this into my life. The new season starts in a few weeks and I’m jazzed about it.

“It’s like the n-word and the c-word had a baby and it was raised by all the bad words for Jews.” -Rick


I found out on Friday that work hubs put in his notice on Thursday when I was off. My immediate response was, “I hate you.” I don’t really hate him and he knows it. Honestly, I understand why he’s decided to leave. I’ll spare you all the details of why he’s leaving because I could be here all night writing that up. I’ll just say that like any place of employment, the shop isn’t without its problems. Mike and I are pretty similar in the way we see things when it comes to work and we’ve both worked in the corporate world. The shop is a fun place to work but it’s severely lacking in structure/chain of command. It can make things really frustrating for the people who are “in charge” but don’t necessarily have any authority. Those people are Mike and me.

So a week from Friday is his last day. From what I hear, my boss’s wife is going to be manning the front counter. That’ll be interesting since she’s definitely not a service writer and having her around is just going to annoy the shit out of my boss. If she’s there, I’m willing to bet it means the kids will be too.

I’m not trying to be a nanny on top of everything else I do around there. As it is my boss is severely underpaying me for the tasks I’ve taken on in the last 3 months. Losing Mike is only going to compound that. I spruced up my resume over the weekend and sent it out to a few places just to be on the safe side. I made a joke about giving my two weeks notice today and Chris didn’t seem too happy about it. In fact, his response was, “Oh no. Get the duct tape. You’re not going anywhere.”

It makes me happy that he’s happy with the work I do and I know he appreciates it, but I also know I have to look out for me. If that means moving on, I have to do it.

That being said, it was cute that Mike sent me a text on Friday night to apologize to me for quitting. It was completely unnecessary of him to do that. I get why he’s going, but it was sweet all the same. He’s such a nice guy. The boss’s wife tried to talk him into staying and instead of trying to throw money at him, she tried to manipulate/guilt trip him into sticking around until July after they’ve moved into a new house. That actually pissed me off a little bit. If there’s a person in the shop that might actually work on, it’s Mike. It’s shitty to play on his kindness like that.

It also didn’t work.

So he’s leaving and I’m seriously sad panda about it, but I have no doubt we’ll keep in touch after he’s gone. It just won’t be the same without him. On the bright side, at least I’ll have the General around. If I lost them both at the same time I’d be in deep, deep shit.


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