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My cousin is working on a project for her psychology class in college and needs to know the myths people have heard about where babies come from and who told them. If any of you have heard a myth, we’d love to hear it to help my little Stinkerbell with her research.




20 thoughts on “Quick Question…

  1. I was adopted so mine was a little different. My dad always told me (when I was little) that one day they got called to the hospital and there were all these beautiful babies. Mum and he walked down the rows of pretty babies and picked the most beautiful. That was me, and later my sister. I don’t remember ever being jealous of her arrival and my parents never mentioned any “incidents” but I was only 2.5yrs 🙂

  2. My parents
    ‘When a mum and dad love each other very much they make a baby. It grows in the mummies tummy until the doctor says it’s time to be born.’

    I don’t remember how/if the birth was explained. Don’t think so. It was about my cousin so I want old. Under 5.

  3. I don´t have younger siblings so for me it actually was the story of the stork that brought the babies from Paris (never knew why Paris)

    • I’m from France when I was young my parents told me that baby boy were born in cabbages and baby girl were born in roses. then the stock will deliver the baby to his/her parents. it might be why for you the stork came from Paris.

  4. The stork. I was 5 and it was a boatload of years ago when the stork was really popular. I remember looking up to the sky to try and find one. When i was 8, my aunt had my cousin at the hospital and I was wondering why she had to be in a hospital if the stork delivered her baby. Then I cried bitter tears when she told me I couldn’t take my little cousin home with me. 🙂

  5. My mom gave the talk of when two people love each other a baby is born of that love when I was 5 asking for a younger sibling.

    My grandma on my mom’s side told me the stork deliveries babies to those who wish for them when I was 6.

    My grandfather on my mom’s side said it was improper for a young woman to ask things of that nature to a man when I was 7.

    My grandfather on my dad’s side barely speaks English but told the tale of a baby washing up on the shores and coming to be cared as one of many tales, he still tells me them! : )

    My grandmother on my father’s side was frank and told me the truth when I was 7, pretty sure at the time I didn’t fully understand her.

    My step-grandfather on my father’s side told me babies are the excess love manifesting when everyone’s innate Italian passion overflows when I was 7, same time as the conversation with my grandma.

    My Dad danced around the issue cryptically answering my questions, my whole life.

    My middle brother (5 at the time) asked for a sibling and in the hospital asked my oldest brother (10 at the time) if they could ask Mom to send me back.

    I’m 26 now if you need a time frame.

  6. My nervous mother told me when I was five that when two love people loved each other they get married and fix their house up so they can fill out a form. Form? By filling out this form you get a baby, the baby is implanted into the mommy’s tummy and in 36-42 weeks a baby boy or girl is delivered by a stork. Be careful because sometimes there are mix ups and you get more than one or you get somebody else’s baby (adoption). At six I learned the truth and stopped asking my mom those kinds of questions just the why is the sky blue kind.

  7. A friend of mine had a little brother who was asking these questions… and I remember clearly to this day what his mother told him because it was so funny to me.

    I believe he was about 6 at the time and asked how people had babies.

    His mother replied “Well you have to pray to God every night, then if you are very lucky an angel will come down from heaven, and brush its wing against your cheek. Then you become pregnant with a baby in your belly.”

    She never explained this only happened for girls, so the next night my friend caught her brother in his room praying and asked what he was doing… he said “praying for a baby like Mom said.”

    It was just too funny because her brother was so serious about getting himself a baby.

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